Powerful & effective solution that helps you manage your content on multiple screens


In a fast-moving world, where you are assaulted with information from all directions, digital signage has become a must-have tool for effective communication in an organization, both external and internal. The old fashioned approach of printed signage is not enough anymore to draw the attention of the customers, being a non-efficient way to ensure engagement or create interest. Moreover, it cannot facilitate diversity and flexibility in communicating with your own employees. In these latter days, it becomes hardly possible to stand out from the media noise and respond to today's expectations with tools from the past. 


TVio is a powerful and effective solution that helps you manage your communications on multiple screens, delivering eye-catching content, in a specific place, at the right time. TVio offers guidance for the companies to broadcast information that is important to their clients, employees, or guests. 

What business industries can use TVio solution?



Improve your customer journey by sharing your media content on store displays, build loyalty, promote merchandise, offer upsell and cross-sell opportunities such as seasonal specials and new products - all in order to boost buying decisions.



Broadcast health recommendations or educational content for the patients waiting in the lounge area for the appointment or remind medical staff and guests about safety procedures.


Cafes, Restaurants, Bars

Build an appealing experience for your customers by displaying your menu in an impressive way. Share your videos with brand or product stories, curiosities about special ingredients or job openings.



Connect your global employees with your company culture across different locations. Broadcast internal messages or news that follow your working process or company’s values.



Display messages and helpful information to welcome your guests in the reception area by positioning digital signages. Improve your sales strategy by presenting services or other facilities. Offer valuable information to the hotel visitors about your next events.



Keep your attendees up-to-date about the next sessions or display the event agenda. Announce the sponsors and partners of the event by showing their logo, videos or images. Present the speakers' lineup using engaging images or graphics.



Increase the productivity of your team and improve your production process by displaying educational content. Present the safety procedures or various instructions to ensure that everyone is aware, or even show metrics & KPIs from time to time.

Gas Stations_image

Gas Stations

Show your customers your everyday menu with snacks, food, and beverages or promote other products from the convenience store. Notify your customers about new services such as car wash or electric charging stations.

Why do our clients recommend us?

  • Powerful digital signage application with effective content management
  • Improving customer experience by building interaction points and spreading out vital information
  • Promoting your company’s image as a tech driven one
  • Reducing your costs by replacing old-fashioned signages and saving money
  • Raising your brand visibility and promoting engagement by delivering an experience that exceeded expectations
  • Notifying your customers or employees with the relevant information, at the right time, in the right location
  • Improving your company's culture by connecting people across different global offices
  • Engaging your visitors while the are waiting for an appointment or meeting
  • Ensuring variety and flexibility of adaptable content
  • Facilitating communication through suitable marketing messages

What's in it for you?


Integrated content management

All your videos or photos are centralized and can be managed from a specific point, all through an application.


Easily organize your media

Efficiently organize your content by creating playlists with your photos or videos.


Website Display

Give customers the chance to interact with your content by efficiently displaying your website.


Tagging System

Connect media to multiple displays, handling a large number of displays and media content diversity.


Plug & Play Setup

There's a plug and play feature that allows you to connect a TV equipment to the display. Or you can use a smart TV, monitor, tablet or whatever you want. Sky's the limit.


Permission Levels

Add team members and assign roles. Also, you can allow any team member to modify parts of the content or manage more than one location.


Automated Display

Preconfigure media content, choose different locations, stay assured that your messages will be displayed at the right time, in the right location.


Broadcast Application

Forget about loading time on slow connections and ensure your content is broadcasted even if it is large for the network.



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