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self registration

In today’s digital world, how you manage experiences matters more than ever. Customers, employees or partners, we all want a fast, easy and secure way to do things. 

How many times did you arrive at a facility and found yourself waiting in line to write your full name at the end of a list that seemed to have no end? Only to wait a little bit more while the receptionist announces your arrival to the meeting host who probably forgot to add your name to the day’s security desk queue.

This isn’t an ideal first impression for anyone and it might hurt your business too. It's a paper-based experience that lacks the privacy required by the standards of today's predominantly digitized world.

Modern organizations prefer the easier, digitized way.

Meet self-registration, the visitor - management platform that enables corporations, hotels, professional associations, banks, hotels, hospitals, multiple-tenant offices, universities and co-working spaces to easily manage visitor experience by eliminating the tedious parts of the process. 

self registration helps you streamline the workflow of admitting your guests on the building premises while giving you the overview needed to increase the efficiency of your internal processes.

Hosting visitors, the smarter way.

Go paperless-image

Go paperless

Forget about welcoming your guests with a paper and a pen. Give them the opportunity to check in on their own in a friendlier and more efficient way and create an outstanding experience from the start.

Instant notifications-image

Instant notifications

The meeting host receives a notification as soon as their guests check in, so they can greet them in the designated meeting room as soon as possible. Moreover, they can receive a notification when guests leave or check out.

Analyze and report-image

Analyze and report

Gain a better and a clearer overview of daily visitors. Self registration allows real-time tracking of who comes and goes, contributing to a more efficient way of allocating resources.

Security and compliance-image

Security and compliance

Based on a security-first approach, self registration is built to safeguard your visitors’ data and respect their right to privacy.

A guide to a seamless visitor experience

  • Pre-registration

Access the web interface and fill in guests’ name, e-mail and meeting details. As soon as you complete this process, they’ll receive a QR code and a confirmation message. Pre-registering your visitors has never been easier.


  • Sign-in

Visitors can check in on the device installed at the reception by scanning the QR code received after pre-registration. They’ll be asked to verify their personal details and sign the GDPR agreement. The logistical details of the meeting (conference room and how to find it)  will then follow.

If a guest hasn’t been registered ahead of his/her visit, they can use the app from the touchscreen device at the reception.

Add one more step in the process by taking a photo and use it to print the access badge needed for the building access point. 


  • Notifications

When the check-in process is complete, the host will instantly receive an email / notification on their phone. 

Everything you need to upgrade visitor experience

Pre-register visitors-image

Pre-register visitors

Easily add upcoming visitors using the web interface and email guests information about their visit.

Self check-in-image

Self check-in

Forget about long lines in the lobby and let your visitors self check-in in a matter of seconds while maximizing the efficiency of your reception desk.

Custom fields-image

Custom fields

Create different categories of visitors (business partners, interview candidates, employees, etc.) and adapt your check-in process by customizing data fields, asking guests to fill in information that only applies to them.

Instant notifications-image

Instant notifications

Instantly notify the host when their guests arrive and eliminate unnecessary waiting time. Showing that you value your visitors’ time inspires respect and professionalism.

QR Codes-image

QR Codes

Send a personalized QR code to your guests to use for signing in when they arrive. 

Visitor photo-image

Visitor photo

If needed for security reasons, ask your guest to take a picture and use it on their access badge.

Badge printing-image

Badge printing

By connecting a printer, easily print on the spot each visitor's temporary badge, active during their one-time visit.



Enjoy the liberty of choosing your own hardware for the app and benefit from the same experience self registration has to offer.



Welcome your visitors with customized check-in screens and adapt the platform to your branding guidelines. From logos and color schemes to images, fonts and backgrounds in the app, make sure your guests recognize your brand right away.

Improved Security-image

Improved Security

Built with privacy in mind, self registration is GDPR compliant and all information is securely stored and encrypted against unauthorized access.



Gain a better overview of your visitor information, including data on previous visitors, pre-registered visitors, visitors by location, and more.



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